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We had a great BosTEEN Artist Night on Wednesday March 11!

60 students from 5 programs around the city came together for an amazing workshop on Devised Theatre, led by our very own C1 Apprentices! Fun and free pizza were had by all! Special thanks to the amazing folks at the Asian-American Civic Association for lending us space and extra hands!

Afterwards we headed down to the Modern Theatre for the evening performance of SHOCKHEADED PETER. The BosTEEN’s were a lively crowd for our first Wednesday performance. They also had a blast taking photos with Walter Sickert in the photo booth after the show.

If you’re interested in learning more about our next BosTEEN, please contact Street Team Director John J King: If you want to follow along online with our BosTEEN Community, check out the Facebook Group page here!

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SHOCKHEADED PETER Studio Session – 2/19

What a great night and a great way to introduce the community to the show and the artists bringing it to life! We started with drinks and quesadillas at Papagayo, where guests had a chance to chat with The Army Of Broken Toys, director Steven Bogart, and C1 Staff. Then we shuffled down to the Modern Theatre for a sneak peak at a rehearsal, a visit from Walter Sickert, and a great Q&A with dramaturg Ilana Brownstein.

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Check out the beginning of our SHOCKHEADED PETER journey as the C1 staff, cast, crew, musicians, and designers got together potluck style for the first read-through. We have a feeling things are going to get awesomely weird so stick along for the ride as C1 dares to ask what’s underneath the floorboards. CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS


Aditi Kapil visits the Trilogy!

We were thrilled to have playwright Aditi Kapil here to check out the Hindu Gods Trilogy plays and chat a bit with our marathon day audience. During a pre-show conversation led by Ilana Brownstein, Kapil spoke about her inspiration for each piece, what it’s like to write three plays that complement each other but are stylistically different, and some of the themes and “Easter eggs” that pop up across the trilogy.

Post-Show chat with THE CHRONICLES OF KALKI team

On Thursday, November 20th, following a performance of THE CHRONICLES OF KALKI, the cast of the show, SHIV director Summer L. Williams, and dramaturgs Ilana Brownstein and Jessie Baxter spoke to the audience about the play and the process of bringing the trilogy to life.

The audience questions ranged from the practical to the abstract – we discussed the logistic of rehearsals and tech for such a complex piece, and everyone shared their thoughts about feeling displaced or outcast themselves and how that impacted their individual process. Stephanie Recio, the actress who played Girl 1, even shared some anecdotes about how her day job working with teens impacted her character work — it turns out she learned a lot from observing her high school students!


October 30th was BosTEEN Night at THE CHRONICLES OF KALKI. About 30 students from three different schools and youth groups came to the theatre early for arts activities including Diwali Lantern-making, Theatre Games, and a Jumbo Matching Game that included images of Hindu Gods. All Teens stayed for the show, which was followed by a post-show conversation about what it’s like to feel like a high school outcast. And there was Pizza!

Studio Sessions for SHIV

A fun time was had by all at Merrill & Co. for our third Studio Session of the Trilogy! Guests were treated to a behind-the-scenes glance at a SHIV rehearsal and a chat with our very own Summer L. Williams. One guest even suggested a new option for a bit of stage magic – it might just end up in the show!


We hosted another great crowd at MELA for a delicious round of chatter before moving over to watch a rehearsal of THE CHRONICLES OF KALKI. Guests received swag bags and the inside scoop from our Dramaturgy team.

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