Company One Theatre is Boston’s hub for community connection.

Connectivity is our way of bringing you in contact with our mission and with those who are also working to create a just and equitable Boston.

Dig deeper into our shows and events by engaging with our partners and taking action with us!

C1 connects with partners across the city to explore themes and content found in our productions. Partnerships can take many forms, from working with our artistic teams, to sharing resources in our lobby, to collaborating on public events like Studio Session open rehearsals, film screenings, post-show events, and more!

Do you have a partnership idea, audience engagement event, or social action you’d like to see at C1 this season? Let’s make it happen! Email and

Company One Theatre Presents Better Future Series


C1’s Better Future Series is a multi-part digital gathering bringing together Boston’s artists, community leaders, and policymakers to understand the needs of our neighborhoods and reimagine the future of our city.

Reproductive Liberty and Body Justice for All a digital event featuring responsive short plays by  C1 Playlab Circuit Volt Lab Writers Cris Eli Blak, Pampi Das, Cayenne Douglass, and Rawchayl Sahadeo inspired by the National Network of Abortion Funds' list of demands

In Community We Trust

Originally streamed Jan 26, 2023

The Company One Surge Lab writers bring you In Community We Trust – an evening of short plays on the theme of wellbeing and community health, explored through a lens of hope and action.

Reproductive Liberty and Body Justice for All a digital event featuring responsive short plays by  C1 Playlab Circuit Volt Lab Writers Cris Eli Blak, Pampi Das, Cayenne Douglass, and Rawchayl Sahadeo inspired by the National Network of Abortion Funds' list of demands

Reproductive Liberty and Body Justice for All 

Originally streamed Oct 13, 2022

Prompted by the recent dismantling of the protections laid out in Roe v Wade, four of Company One Theatre’s Volt Lab playwrights — all playwrights of color, all rising voices of the American theatre — have chosen one item from the National Network of Abortion Funds’ list of demands as a jumping off point for a short play and exploration of the actions we can take together for a more just society.

Resolve 2022


Originally streamed Jan 20, 2022

Elevate your 2022 vision board! RESOLVE 2022 is an evening of art and reflection to help you set an intention for yourself and your community as we begin a new year.

Better Future: Voting WRITES


Originally streamed Sept 23, 2021

Better Future: Voting WRITES is the latest in our series of digital events presenting new short plays in direct dialogue with our communities.

PlayLab Circuit Volt Lab Applications Now Open!


Originally streamed Jan 26, 2021

Each new President pledges to “preserve, protect, and defend,” but which communities are at the front of that line? Company One’s Surge Lab playwrights — Inda Craig-Galván, Francisca Da Silveira, and Idris Goodwin — demand that we ALL move to the front by re-imagining our Better Future for housing, health, and education, along with local community leaders who have been doing the work.

PlayLab Circuit Volt Lab Applications Now Open!


Originally streamed Aug 18, 2020

Through a selection of short plays that uplift the often ignored voices in the quest for suffrage, and in conversation with organizers working to address disparities in voting access today, this digital event combines art and advocacy to celebrate how far we’ve come and look forward to the work that still remains to achieve true universal suffrage.

Recent Partners:

  • Action for Boston Community Development
  • Agencia Alpha
  • American Repertory Theater
  • ArtsEmerson
  • Asian American Resource Workshop
  • Asian Community Development Corporation
  • BAMS Fest
  • Black Economic Council of Massachusetts (BECMA)
  • Boston Arts Academy
  • Boston Center for the Arts
  • Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center
  • Boston’s Dept of Youth Employment & Engagement
  • Boston GLOW
  • Boston GLASS
  • Boston Mayor’s Office of Arts & Culture
  • Boston Public Library
  • Boston Ujima Project
  • Central Square Theatre
  • Center for Trauma and Embodiment at Justice Resource Institute
  • Comfort Kitchen
  • Comics in Color
  • Design Studio for Social Intervention
  • Disability & Intersectionality Summit
  • Disability Policy Consortium
  • Dorchester Bay Economic Development Corporation
  • Dudley Cafe
  • Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative
  • Fairmount Cultural Corridor
  • Fenway Health
  • The Flavor Continues
  • Humphreys Street Studios
  • Huntington Theatre Company
  • Hyde Square Task Force
  • Justice Resource Institute
  • Leela Yoga + Wellness
  • Louis D. Brown Peace Institute
  • Madison Park Development Corp.
  • Massachusetts Senior Action Council
  • Massachusetts Trans Political Coalition
  • Mothers for Justice and Equality
  • Museum of Fine Arts
  • Neighborhood Birth Center
  • Now + There
  • Pao Arts Center
  • Planned Parenthood
  • Reclaim Roxbury
  • Reflective Spaces / Material Places
  • ReRooted / The HairStory Project
  • Suffolk University
  • The Theatre Offensive
  • Transgender Emergency Fund
  • Trans Resistance MA
  • Urbano Project
  • Upham’s Corner Main Street
  • Wee the People
  • Zumix

Header photo: Afrikah Selah, Kurt Faustin, and Judy Cazeau at can i touch it?  post-show conversation
Empowering Ownership: Black Business, Community, and Identity in Boston.” Photo by BECMA photographer Bobby Shakes.