Company One Theatre builds community at the intersection of art and social change

Announcing our 25th Season!

All plays and events are 100% free

We have an incredible Season 25 planned, and we can’t wait to see all of you at our productions, workshop readings, community events, and more. Check what you can expect from C1 in 2024!

Open Write: Refining Your Skills for Screenwriting

with guest artist Thato Mwosa

Saturday, December 16
11am – 1pm

Join us Saturday, December 16 from 11am-1pm ET for a free online experience led by C1 Resident Playwright Kirsten Greenidge and guest artist Thato Mwosa!

Breaking into screenwriting can seem daunting, but not when you lean on your established craft and practice! Let your curiosity guide you as we learn to apply existing skills to an unfamiliar format.

RSVP required; this is a Pay-What-You-Want experience with $0 minimum. All proceeds support C1’s mission to build community at the intersection of art and social change.

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Company One Theatre is celebrating 25 years of building community at the intersection of art and social change, and it’s all thanks to you!

C1 works for a Boston defined by justice, equity & artistic innovation. Your support:

  • allows our programs to be financially accessible to all.
  • ensures the next generation of changemakers and creative voices will be heard.
  • connects our work to community partners invested in building a Better Future for Boston.
  • champions bold, innovative storytellers and artivists who push social justice movements forward.

Welcome to our community, where every audience member, artist, student, and supporter has the opportunity to fight for social justice.

Founded in 1998, Company One has situated itself as a home for social justice and artistic excellence by connecting Boston’s diverse communities through live performance, the development of new plays and playwrights, arts education, and public engagement programming. By establishing a dedicated space for marginalized and alternative narratives to thrive and working with partners and collaborators across the city, Company One has become a local leader in the ongoing conversations that continue to define the era of social change in contemporary America.


C1 is Boston’s hub for community connection. Connectivity provides opportunities for audience intersection with the people and organizations who are working to create a just and equitable Boston.


Through a combination of personalized dramaturgy, group workshops, and professional development classes, C1’s PlayLab Circuit is an incubator of new work for writers of varied experience levels and backgrounds.


C1’s Stage One education programs are designed to empower participants to be creative and collaborative, while developing their voice and building their skills.


"Company One Theatre pushes the boundaries of narrative with a focus on marginalized stories, and has probably done more than any other institution to bring new audiences to Boston theater"

Amelia Mason, WBUR

"If a production is bold, exciting, and makes me feel alive, chances are it’s a Company One production.

Christopher Ehlers, DigBoston

"They really have a sense of where to take theater in this moment ⁠— to stretch it, to make it new, to reach different audiences... They are a company the nation is paying attention to."

Jared Bowen, WGBH