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Company One’s PlayLab program has gone through many iterations over the years. From 2011-2014, it was called the XX PlayLab, and was created in collaboration with the Boston Center for the Arts as a way to nurture the work of female playwrights. From 2014-2016, it was re-named the BCA PlayLab to honor our continuing collaboration with the Boston Center for the Arts, while also opening the lab to playwrights who were male-identifying, as well as playwrights who may not identify on the gender binary at all. During those years, we held several spaces specifically for female-identifying writers, but moved away from “XX” as a signifier for female-ness. In 2016, it became C1 PlayLab, as Company One fully took on the administration and artistic support of the playwrights involved. The moniker “PlayLab” now generally applies to all of Company One’s new play development activity, inclusive of programs for local and non-local writers alike.

In 2015, we introduced the Unit and Fellows programs within C1 PlayLab. Unit is a space for early-career writers to receive guidance and support more specific to their needs, while the Fellows program allowed mid-career writers to work one-on-one with staff dramaturgs on a specific play.  All participants in C1 PlayLab also receive regular Master Classes with local and national arts leaders addressing issues of play/career development.

In 2017, we created PlayLab Bootcamp, an intensive two week program for early career playwrights, dramaturgs, directors, and producers. Structured like a conference, participants took single sessions a la carte, or opted for artist tracks of curated sessions meant to speak to a specific discipline. Plenary sessions brought all participants together, and Bootcamp was accompanied by the workshop of a new play by Kirsten Greenidge.

PlayLab is designed and run by the dramaturgy staff at Company One Theatre, with Ilana M. Brownstein as senior dramaturg and program producer.

Master Class Guests: Shana Gozansky, Dawn Meredith Simmons, Emily Ruddock, Julie Felise Dubiner, Kevin Becerra, Julie Hennrikus, Nicole Olyusana, Pat Gabridge, Ramona Ostrowski, Bridget O’Leary, Jacqueline Lawton, Andrew Duncan Will, Lynn Wilcott, Megan Sandberg-Zakian, Sarah Shampnois, Shawn LaCount, Summer L. Williams, Karthik Subramanian, Josh Glenn-Kayden, Kirsten Greenidge
Dramaturgs: Jessie Baxter, Fran Da Silveira, Haley Fluke, Tatiana Isabel Gil, Ilana M. Brownstein

2016-2017: C1 PLAYLAB
Fellows: David Valdes, Liana Asim, Ken Green
Unit: Shenelle Salcido Williams, Stephanie K. Brownell, Vannessa Greenleaf, Zahra Belyea, Allison Marsh Baker, Barbara Blumenthal-Ehrlich, Erin Lerch, Fabiola Decius, Tyler Monroe
Affiliates: Cassie M. Seinuk, Kevin Mullins
National: Josh Wilder, Idris Goodwin
Mellon Resident Playwright: Kirsten Greenidge
Master Class Guests: Jacqueline Lawton, Julie Hennrikus, Jiehae Park, Anne Morgan, Pat Gabridge, Lee Schuna, Cristina Todesco
Dramaturgs: Jessie Baxter, Fran Da Silveira, Haley Fluke, Hayley Spivey, Ilana M. Brownstein

2015-2016: BCA PLAYLAB
Fellows: Christian R. Chan, Cecelia Raker, Jeni Mahoney
Unit: Ken Green, Colleen Hughes, Rosa Nagle, Jecenia Figueroa, Mimi Augustin, Mara Elissa Palma, Mary McCullough, Greg Lam
Affiliates: Laura Neill, Nina Louise Morrison
Master Class Guests: Obehi Janice, Kelly Miller, Julie Hennrikus, Anne Morgan, Pat Gabridge, Beth Blickers, Cristina Todesco, A. Rey Pamatmat
Dramaturgs: Jessie Baxter, Ramona Ostrowski, Haley Fluke, Ilana M. Brownstein

2014-2015: BCA PLAYLAB
XX Fellows: Elizabeth Addison, Liana Asim
PlayLab Playwrights: Deirdre Girard, MJ Halberstadt, Terrence Kidd, Ginger Lazarus
Master Class Guests: Kristoffer Diaz, Kirsten Greenidge, Melinda Lopez, Kelly Miller, Julie Felise Dubiner, Rebecca A. Frank, Anne Morgan, Beth Blickers
Dramaturgs: Jessie Baxter, Ramona Ostrowski, Alexandra Juckno, Kelley Holly, Ilana M. Brownstein

2013-2014: XX PLAYLAB
Playwrights: Miranda Craigwell, Obehi Janice, Natsu Onoda Power, Kirsten Greenidge
Dramaturgs: Jessie Baxter, Ramona Ostrowski, Ciera-Sadé Wade, Ilana M. Brownstein

2012-2013: XX PLAYLAB
Playwrights: Natalia Naman, Lydia R. Diamond, Kirsten Greenidge
Dramaturgs: Tyler Monroe, Ilana M. Brownstein

2011-2012: XX PLAYLAB
Playwright: Lauren Yee
Dramaturg: Ilana M.Brownstein