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XX PlayLab

After each reading or scene presentation during the XX Playlab festival weekend (June 6-7, 2014), festival dramaturg Ilana Brownstein led a conversation with the playwright and the show’s dramaturg. These conversations focused on the development of the project, and then were opened up to questions and comments from the audience. Not only were these conversations enlightening for those hearing the pieces, they were useful for the playwrights as they continued their journeys with their plays.

Geek theatre panel   xxplaylab

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The festival weekend also included two panels. The first was on Geek Theatre, and featured ASTRO BOY AND THE GOD OF COMICS creator/director Natsu Onoda Power, dramaturg Ramona Ostrowski, playwright Crystal Skillman, and blogger Crystal Paul. The second included all the XX artists–playwrights, directors, and dramaturgs–and was a wide-ranging discussion of some of the biggest issues of new play field: representation, parity, opportunity, and mentorship.