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After School Special

After School Special

A World Premiere by John Kuntz

July 18 – August 8, 2008

@ the Plaza Theatre
Boston Center for the Arts

"After School Special" follows the trials and tribulations of Janet, a perky teen-ager who, in order to save the life of her faithful dog Duke, must become wicked popular. Along the way, she outwits the school bully, befriends nerds, defies her sociopathic mother, discovers her true secret identity, and figures out who is killing all the contestants in the high school beauty pageant.


  • Rick Park
    Mrs. Baxter / Teddy / Marie
  • John Kuntz


  • John Kuntz
  • Emily Padden
    Stage Manager
  • Eliza Mulcahy
    Assistant Stage Manager
  • Mark VanDerzee
    Lighting & Sound Designer
  • Joy Adams
    Costume Designer

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