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Out of the Box

August 14, 2012
Roberts Theatre @ Calderwood Pavilion

A competitive multimedia event of extravagant, show stopping brilliance spanning over three nights, Out-of-the-Box brings performance to the next level. Using a theme for each evening, local performers from all backgrounds — actors, musicians, dancers, poets, puppeteers and everything in between — will converge in a multimedia cabaret, the likes of which the Boston theatre scene has never seen. A winner will arise from the dust, judged completely by you, the audience.


Roberts Theatre, Calderwood Pavilion
527 Tremont Street
South End, Boston, MA

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Box Office:
Phone: 617.933.8600

Calderwood Pavilion at the
Boston Center for the Arts
527 Tremont St.
Boston University Theatre
Box Office
264 Huntington Ave.

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  • Tory Bullock
    Tory Bullock was born in 1987 and was sent straight from Heaven (By way of Mass General Hospital). He went from K1-12 without complications then when he got to grade twelve he decided to pursue different motivations like time traveling. Rhyme javeling. Something mind unraveling. He got down! Then somehow he started to teach kids from the dirtiest of dozens to the hungriest of gluttons. He uses his words to feed them. He loves captain crunch at 2am. Loves video games. And thinks the greatest show ever made was... Dawson's Creek!

  • Terri Deletetsky
    Terri Deletetsky has been a proud member of ARTiculation since day two and her life has revolved around this theatrical poetic revolution ever since. In her free time, she acquired her Bachelors in Theatre Arts as well as a Masters in Education at Clark University in Worcester, MA. Her favorite theatrical roles include May in Clark University's production of Fool for Love by Sam Shepard and her role as "Fan #4" in her debut as a baseball fan in Baker Schools Production of Damn Yankees when she was four. She has traveled around the country competing in clam poetry competitions with the Clark Slam Team. And is the lead singer of Worcester/Boston based All Girls Band. She is overwhelmingly thrilled to be apart of this incredible team of artists.

  • Ruby Cabrera
    Ruby Cabrera, born and raised in Providence, RI, peaked his interest in acting in his Freshmen year at Central High School where he performed a monologue from the short play “Runa-Ways.” From there it wasn’t until his Junior year that he was introduced to Ricardo Pitts-Wiley and began working with mixed magic theater performing in multiple shows including productions of “Taming of the Shrew”, “The Baghdad Production of Romeo and Juliet”, “Spirit Warrior’s Dream”, “The Tempest”, “Moby Dick: Then and Now”, “Misery’s Fiend: Frankenstein”, “Comedy of Errors” and even Executive Produced a live hip hop show called “MC’s Rhythm and Poetry Sessions” and currently Assistant Manages a spoken word even every first and third Wednesday called “From the R.I.P.” Rudy also became a part of The Black Rep Family when he performed in the various venues including The Carriage House. Media Institute of Technology and the Kennedy Center in Washington DC and has performed with various groups like Just A Step Productions, In House Freesytle and is very excited about adding ARTiculation crew to the list! “I fear nothing because I’ve overcome the biggest problem I had in my life which was my own self doubt! I represent the ghetto but I refuse to be just another teen statistic and I think that’s really a big part of my drive!”

  • Michael Cognata
    Michael Cognata has been involved in theatre and production since the 3rd grade and has since majored in the art at Boston Arts Academy High School. Favorite performances include: Touring in Soul Element Project (A play written by Michael and his peers with the intent to break stereotypes of inner city youth as well as orating excerpts from Martin Luther King’s ‘I Have A Dream’ speech at Symphony Hall.) The piece that he is most proud of is A More Perfect Union by Kirsten Greenidge (A play inspired by a story of injustice towards a teacher at the Fenway High School.) Michael and the rest of the cast were given the great honor of performing that protest play of performing that protest play in Scotland for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Michael is also a member of Screen Actors Guild. Michael remains a stage actor at heart and is ecstatic to be working with the intelligent and talented cast of ARTiculation.

  • Nik Walker
    Mr. Walker is proud to be one of the founding members of the ARTiculation crew. All the way back in August of 2005, that summer, Nik had gotten kicked out of a theater program-that-shall-remain-nameless for reasons-that-shall-remain-unheard (suffice it to say it involved whip cream, a linen shirt, a possible death threat and some good ol’ inherent Chicago racism). Back in Boston and looking for work, he got a call from Mark Canderzee, Educational Director of Company One and Nik’s personal Gandalf. Vanderzee told Nik about a skinny-enough-to-look-muscular dude named Tory, apparently trying to get some theater artists together for a piece: Nik came and auditioned and the rest was history. To Nik, ARTiculation and Company One are a second family, a home away from home. He looks at all his fellow artists as his surrogate older brothers and sisters… and they abuse him like they are – that helps too. Due to his NYU Theater training and NYC smarts, ARTiculation and the C1 Community have given him the name “Showtime” and as much as he protests, know that he loves it. Feel free to contact Nik with any questions you have about making your own theater or poetry. He’d love to hear from you!

  • Danny Balel
    Danny is a writer/performer born and raised in Cambridge, MA. He has been published in The Albion Review, Ballard St. Poetry Journal, and Bloody Publishing. Danny has acted in and around Boston for three years now, and thinks it's pretty nifty. He is currently finishing up a Master's degree in English Education at Clark University. This is where his true passion lies. He has taught poetry workshops at several northeast colleges and many Boston area high schools and community programs. A staple of the Worcester slam scene, he traveled to San Francisco in 2005 to compete at the Youth National competition, before HBO bought it out. He is currently in a touring production of Gino DiIorio's The Key he would like to thank his parents, Emily, AJ, and pop tarts for getting him through the good times and the bad.

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