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>>POST-SHOW PANEL | Die Laughing: Finding Humor in Mortality

Sunday, April 24th
Following the 4pm performance

After We’re Gonna Die, join us for a conversation with Nina Thompson from the Wake Up to Dying Project and Dr. Robert Riethmiller from the Massachusetts Institute for Psychoanalysis. We’ll be chatting about why conversations centered on mortality and loss are so difficult, and how people can approach these touchy subjects with less anxiety, and more humor and joy.


Nina Thompson is the Founder and Executive Director of the Wake Up to Dying Project. She brings 20 years of entrepreneurial and consulting experience to the Project.  She has extensive experience with project management and large-scale event logistics. Nina drew her vision for The Wake Up to Dying Project from her hospice volunteer work and Zen meditation practice, and wakes up everyday driven by the powerful question: What would happen if we paid more attention to the fact that we die?

Dr. Robert Riethmiller is a psychologist and psychoanalyst who has been working in private practice seeing adults and adolescents for the past 15 years.  He is currently a faculty member at both the Massachusetts Institute for Psychoanalysis and at the Boston Institute for Psychotherapy, where he teaches courses on psychoanalytic therapy, adolescent development, and affect theory.