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HOWLROUND: Latina/o Theatre Commons National Convening

This past weekend, Howlround hosted a conference of early, mid, and established-career latina/o theatre artists.  The event was hailed as the first large-scale formal gathering of the Latina/o theatre community since 1986.  The convening brought theatre artists of all persuasions to share ideas, entire event was chronicled on the Howlround website.  Boston wasn’t the only city that hosted this convening– there were myriad satellite convening sites in Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, and New York.  So it was truly a national event.

According to the program for the weekend, the purpose and outcomes of the event were as follows:

Vision: Our vision is to advance a Latina/o theater movement,
based in the philosophy of a commons.

Purpose: Our purpose is to create a Latina/o Theatre commons
that uplifts and energizes Latina/o theater-makers to connect,
collaborate, and create.

Big Objectives:
• Share and evolve our artistic, organizing, and institutional wisdom.
• Develop our voice and identify strategies to lift the power and
potential of Latina/o theater.
• Update the narrative.
• Optimize relationship building among Latina/o theater-makers to
seed a multitude of collaborations and strengthen our burgeoning

Organizing Plan:
• To connect through conocimiento (building knowledge through
• To share history, experience, and visions.
• To reveal current initiatives, organizing frameworks, and evolving
• To grow and strengthen existing and new relationships.
• To identify directions and strategies for action.
• To explore technology as a means to facilitate national conversation
both at the convening, and beyond.
• To articulate goals, make commitments, and create a plan of
action for moving forward together as a Latino/a Theatre

Desired Outcomes:
• Personal leadership identity.
• Increased understanding of the philosophy of a commons.
• Increased understanding of the Latina/o theater field.
• Increased personal knowledge.
• Create new and stronger relationships.
• Create clear strategies, commitments, and an action plan.

The chronicle of the articles recapping the event can be found HERE.

A compilation of videos from the panels and sessions can be found HERE.

And finally, a Storify composite of the Twitter conversation (#cafeonda), can be found HERE.