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Since we produced the three plays in the DISPLACED HINDU GODS TRILOGY in two spaces in the BCA Plaza Theatre, we were able to fully transform the lobby into a fun, interactive, informative space.

  • – Video stations with clips that tell the stories of intersex individuals
  • – Re-mythologized shrines
  • – Cosmic audience response board with the following questions:
    • BRAHMAN/I: What stories helped shape your identity, or gave you insight into who you are?
    • KALKI: What happened when you stepped out of the circle of protection?
    • SHIV: What have you had to destroy or leave behind in order to move forward?
    • TRILOGY: What else do you want to tell us?
  • – Modernist Indian (magnetic) poetry board
  • – Contextual video wall

Check out the photo album from opening night to see audience members and the creative team exploring and celebrating in the lobby!