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GreenStage Theatre Company’s “Othello” Casting Controversy

This article details the controversy surrounding GreenStage, located in Seattle, casting a non-African-American actor as Othello. Read the The Stranger‘s article here.

This response to The Stranger’s article, written by Seattle actor J Reese, highlights the “implicit assumptions” and “White Fragility” that is inherit in both the Seattle theatre community and the theatre community around the country.

TCG Circle: Bag & Baggage is Unique

This article by Scott Palmer, artistic director of Bag&Baggage in Hillsboro, OR, talks about how their recent grant from Met Life/TCG’s A-Ha Program: Think It, Do It, enabled them to connect with communities unaccustomed to theatre.  They discovered how the language they use to talk about their company is hitting their rural neighbors to the west in addition to other discoveries they’ve made in their research. Read the article here.

Arts Journal: We the Audience

In this article on audiences, theatre historian Lynne Conner discusses the history of the term “audience,” the different sub-monoliths that the audience takes on (i.e., my audience vs. your audience), and how it is impossible to analyze an American audience because of the different racial/ethnic backgrounds of each person. Read the article here.

TCG Conference: To the Mountaintop

At the TCG Conference in San Diego this past June, playwright Kristoffer Diaz (The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity) gave remarks at the To the Mountaintop plenary. The session dealt with the future of diversity and inclusion in theatre. Read Diaz’s speech here.