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Immediately following the listed performance date and time. 

>>Closing the Gap: A Conversation on Intergenerational LGBTQ History

Thursday, August 4th at 7:30pm

Join the Massachusetts Institute for Psychoanalysis’ John Rosario-Perez and cast members of THE T PARTY for an engaging, intergenerational panel on the history of the gay rights movement, from the Stonewall riot to present-day challenges and triumphs.

>>THE T PARTY Cahllege Mixah

Saturday, August 6th at  8pm

The celebration isn’t over after The T Party! You’re invited to a spoken word open mic event sponsored by Company One’s ONERush, happening immediately after the August 6th performance and open to all college students. Come share your own story or just sit back and listen to the skills of our featured artists as they share their own experiences of gender and sexual identity expression – spoken word style. Participate by providing support and enjoying complimentary refreshments, or get up there and share your own story! Student tickets only $15 – get yours now!

>>Join the Party: An Interactive Experience

Sunday, August 7th at  2pm

Curious about everything that goes into bringing a performance to life? Enter THE T PARTY set after the performance to check out specific design elements from the show, and learn more about how they were created.

>>Gender Play After Party with The Theatre Offensive

Wednesday, August 10th at 7:30pm 

Ain’t no party like a C1 party, cause a C1 party don’t stop! Join us after the performance to dance, eat, laugh, play, and have your expectations challenged with members of The Theatre Offensive family, the cast of THE T PARTY, and your fellow show attendees.

RSVP HERE: http://www.thetheateroffensive.org/happenings//5783db5b3f5f8903008c01b2

Link Roundup! – 4/8/16

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Playwright Kirsten Greenidge will be joining the Company One staff as a playwright-in-residence as part of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation’s National Playwright Residency Program (NPRP) — we are so thrilled!

The purpose of embedding residents into theaters of varying sizes and locales is to provide playwrights the time and space to write without distraction, to offer playwrights regular access to the theaters’ extensive resources and to their artistic leaders, and to encourage institutional practices at theaters that are more inclusive of artists’ ideas and needs. The expectation is that these arrangements will foster the creation and production of theatrically ambitious plays that lend themselves to more effective engagement with audiences and communities.


Forbes is doing a series of posts about representation, including articles on Broadway’s lack of diversity and how the Tony Awards compare to the Oscars:

Both the Tonys and the Oscars recognize white artists by an overwhelming majority. Whites make up 95.5% of all Tony nominees, and 96.4% of all Oscar nominees, a difference of only .9% between them. This doesn’t take into account when people were nominated, however – minority recognition is becoming more frequent as the years go on. The results also don’t account for the Tonys starting two decades after the Oscars. But we did the math on that, too: if we ignore the first 20 years of Academy Awards, the numbers would be even closer together, with the Tonys being only .43% more diverse.

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#StaffChat: Academic Partnerships

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In the past few months, Company One has been having conversations about different types of residency and partnership models. At this week’s staff meeting, we’ll be taking a deeper look at academic partnerships. Below are a few examples of theatres that partner with universities, and a few articles about how these partnerships first formed, to help guide our conversation.

The Brown/Trinity Rep production of Pericles

The Brown/Trinity Rep production of Pericles

Many universities choose, as Brown did in 2001, to partner with an already established theatre company to provide new, more professional training and exposure for their students. With Brown/Trinity Rep, this took the form of an entirely new degree program, the M.F.A. in Acting and Directing:

The consortium, which will incorporate the existing Trinity Repertory Conservatory, will provide professional training for the new M.F.A. program at Trinity Rep’s downtown campus…[Trinity Rep’s Artistic Director Oskar Eustis], who had been serving as a visiting associate professor at Brown, has been appointed a full professor. He will direct the new consortium and oversee its M.F.A. program…The consortium faculty will include faculty members of both the Trinity Rep Conservatory and Brown, and the administration and boards of Brown and Trinity Rep will share oversight of the program.

Other university/theatre partners opt for a collaborative relationship which may include residency, but doesn’t fuse the two institutional identities. Theatres maintain their separate non-profit status, while benefiting from shared resources like space, funds, and young artistic talent. In exchange, students get to work closely with career artists and colleges distinguish themselves as training grounds for real professional work. This is the case with the recent partnership between the New School and the Naked Angels:

The two sides anticipate a mutually beneficial arrangement that will help the New School professionalize its legit training programs, while at the same time aid in stabilizing Naked Angels and its producing initiatives in a tough time for fundraising.

With the New School, Naked Angels will incorporate students into its developmental programming — including readings and workshops presented under the banners Tuesdays at Nine, First Mondays and Angels in Progress, as well as the recently launched Naked Radio — and the company will be housed in a New School building in downtown Manhattan. Troupe will nonetheless remain an independent nonprofit with a separate board.

The partnership reps one potential formula for longevity for the smaller Gotham legit orgs that have been battered by the economic slowdown in recent years. To a degree, it matches a template forged by pacts between pro theaters and academic institutions in other cities, including Harvard/A.R.T. in Cambridge, Yale/Yale Rep in New Haven and U. of San Diego/Old Globe in San Diego.

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American Theatre Magazine: Debt Sentence

This article by Diep Tran talks about the high amount of debt those who go to college for theatre incur, the struggle artists have to repay that debt, and how colleges can better prepare and talk to their students about the cost of their education. Read the article here.