Company One Theatre is seeking non-Equity actors for our upcoming world premiere production of Leftovers by Josh Wilder.
Auditions will be held on April 9 at the Boston Center for the Arts, starting at 1pm. All characters are African-American. Please note we will only be seeing actors 18 and over for this production.
Please email to receive an audition slot. When emailing, please include a headshot, resume and the role(s) you’d like to be considered for.
Production Dates
The production runs from July 14-August 12, 2017. Rehearsals will begin on May 24 and will take place on Tuesday-Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons.There will also be a workshop on April 18-21. Interested actors who are available for the production dates but not the workshop should still reach out.
Plot Summary
Weeds are a given in the heart of South Philly, but when a giant dandelion sprouts overnight and wishes start falling from the sky, one family begins to see a way out of the cycle of poverty that has governed their lives. For brothers Jalil and Kwamaine, hope is running thin as they wait for the arrival of their absent father – and in time, discover the power of their own dreams and the transformative influence of forgiveness. Seizing the possiblity of no longer feeling like the city’s leftovers, the two brothers find themselves on an adventure they never could have dreamed of.
Available roles
Jalil – 18. Just graduated from high school and lost in the possibilities of what to do next.
Kwamaine – 15, Jalil’s brother. Wishes his family could all be “Cosby Show happy.”
Dijon – 18. Determined to make something of himself. Finds the opportunity in everything.
Raquelle – 40s-50s, Jalil and Kwamaine’s mother. Worn down by her responsibilities but still able to find the fun in life.
Chris – 40s-50s, Jalil and Kwamaine’s (often absent) father. Trying to reconnect with his children and break the cycle of disappointment.

We are currently specifically seeking applicants for the positions of:

As well, in an effort to serve our mission, Company One is looking to diversify its pool of designers and production staff. We are seeking theatre artists of color in all areas to be considered for our production teams. We also accept rolling submissions of applications for the following positions:

  • Lighting Designer
  • Costume Designer
  • Sound Designer and/or Composer
  • Props Designer/Master
  • Master Electrician
  • Sound Board Operators
  • Electricians
  • Dialect and/or Vocal Coach
  • Fight Choreographer

To apply, please email a cover letter and resume to Sarah Cohan, HR Manager, at

Apply to be a One Rush Member during Summer 2017 now!

Company One often offers internships in many different areas of design, production, and management, often tailored to the individual applicant’s schedule and interests. If you’d like to apply for an internship with Company One, please email your resume, and cover letter including your specific area of interest, to Sarah Cohan, HR Manager, at

For more information regarding our Technical Fellowship Program, please click here.

Company One Theatre accepts manuscripts of full-length, original plays by living American writers year-round.

We are a mission-driven theatre, and select plays for development and production based on their intersection with our guiding social and aesthetic philosophies.

To that end, we ask that all writers submit an application explaining why their play is suited to C1’s mission. Should your application be accepted, we will request a pdf script from you directly.

Click here to fill out an application!

Things to Keep in Mind:

Company One’s mission is to change the face of Boston theatre by uniting the city’s diverse communities through innovative, socially provocative performance and the development of civically engaged artists.

Our productions are frequently multi-ethnic; we don’t often produce small-cast plays or one-person shows. Aesthetically, we don’t tend to produce strictly realist plays; instead we often lean toward pieces with some sense of heightened theatricality.

We are Boston’s most celebrated indie theatre. Like its counterpart, independent film, indie theatre pushes boundaries. It’s scrappy. It demands attention. It’s resourceful, it’s inventive, it’s imaginative, its makers are as diverse as the stories they tell. Together, we create plays that are highly theatrical and tell stories from the margins. We celebrate the playwright, and the electrifying relationship between the performers and audience.

You can learn more about our company history here, and our production history here.

If you have a proposal for a multi-disciplinary, or multi-organization project that doesn’t fit the traditional notion of “script,” feel free to email us directly. Please include “Proposal” in your subject line:

Any questions about Company One’s new work activities should be directed to

If you have a strong interest in the mission of Company One Theatre, and would like to explore ways to become more deeply involved with our organization, please contact Board Vice President Elisa Choi at

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